Friday, March 23, 2012

Becoming Edward by Faye Meredith

On one of the days that I was on Twitter there was a tweet to get "Becoming Edward" by Faye Meredith for free on that day on Amazon. Intrigue by the title and reading the summary of the story I could not resist and ended up setting up the Kindle app on my devices and downloaded this freebie.

Days later after purchase (and after I had finished reading The 2nd book from the Hunger Games Trilogy, "Catching Fire") I needed a quick break from that roller coaster ride and started to read this book. I had a guess that this book would be humorous to the sense that someone wanted to be like Edward (if the title did not say it all already) and that instinct was right on. A clear distraction from reading an emotional book to something light and funny is just what I needed and this just what that book gave me.

This book was written in a narrative point of view. The whole time I was reading, it felt like I was watching a play but with a narrater talking in my ear. Describing the scenes and noting the thoughts going on everyone mind gave it a more clearer picture of the story presented before me. Without spoiling on the details of the book too much I can say that where there is an Edward type character chances are there is a Jacob type character that will consists (no surprise) a love triangle. The relationships between the characters where cute to the point that each one knew what they wanted but figuring out how they were going to get there was their challenge.

Need something funny and cute to read about love....I totally recommend this book to all whether they are a Twilight fan or not.